A Sweet Passion Creating Edible Cakes Decorations

The cutting cake moment is one of the main attractions of a party whether we are talking about a birthday, a wedding or any other special occasion. “How was the cake?” is a question often addressed to the participants to a party, which points out the importance that the taste and the aspect of the cake plays in the success of the event.

Nowadays, everything you need to decorate a cake can be bought. But, it is by far a more rewarding and fulfilling experience to make with your own hands the decorations for the cake of a person you love. There are two main categories of cake decorations: the edible cake decorations and the non-edible ones. The difference between them is that while everybody admires the first ones and wants a part of them, the other ones, non-edible, are thrown away and often they don’t even get the attention of the guests, no matter how good looking they are.

Edible cake decorations capture the interest of everyone, especially if they are home made. It is somewhat amazing that these days, when there are so many interesting things to buy on the market to decorate the cakes, there are people who choose to make themselves funny shapes to put on cakes. For some people combining the sense of aesthetics and the cooking skills to decorate a cake is a hobby, while many choose to earn money from this skill. Either way, it can reach the level of art, but it takes skillfulness and persistence to get to that point.

The ABC of embellishing a cake with edible stuff is represented by rice paper, sugar for icing and moulds of different shapes. With a printout of some simple shapes like flowers, butterflies, hearts or trees and a rice paper anyone can create beautiful edible cake decorations with a minimum of effort. Just copy the shape on the rice paper and then cut it. After obtaining the shape, you can give it color and even use your imagination to draw different models on it, using food dyes. Another easy way to obtain tasty and funny cake decorations is to fill a mould with butter cream or icing sugar. This way, your cake can wear cute stuff like flowers, animals or even cartoon characters.

For proficient decorators, these methods may seem rudimentary. As they master the art of cutting fruits in various creative shapes and using chocolate or marzipan to add style to their cakes. Two other elements used by experienced chefs to create edible cake decorations are the royal icing made of meringue powder from which they obtain complex figures and laces and the rolled fondant icing similar to dough and pretty difficult to handle. This does not mean that only chefs can master the art of decorating cakes. There are numerous materials on Internet that can teach you how to make cakes that will delight the taste and sight of your guests. You can subscribe to communities where knowledge on this topic is shared or even attend a cooking class focused on decorating cakes. Everything you need to reach amazing results is at your hand: a drop of creativity, passion and a lot persistence.