Five Best Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

After a wedding ceremony, it is very common to serve invited guests with wedding cake as dessert. A good and presentable wedding cake decoration comes from the creativity and ideas of the cake decorator. In the decoration process, planning is the most crucial part. Apart from the taste, it is very important that the cake looks elegant, loyal and grand.

Classic Elegance decoration style is built on three-tiered length base. The cake is iced with off-white fondant and decorated with beautiful fresh cream scroll work. It is topped with a cluster of cream flowers and other wedding cake accessories such as ribbons are placed at the surrounding of the cake.

In Classic Romantic Heart design, the cake is built on round shape stand with maximum of 3 tiers in height. The design features two love crystal hearts and a pairs of dove on the top of the cake. The cream color of the cake should be in pearl white. The top layer of the cake is decorated with crystal hearts and dove; both are considered as the elegant sign for everlasting love.

Forever Love Red Roses decoration idea used red fresh roses as its main attraction. The cake usually is square or rectangular in shape with several tiers. Dowels and cake separator are used between tiers. The cake frost is in pearl color and the cake base is in white color. Cream color royal icing is used to make roses and dots.

Orchid White Fondant Natural wedding cake decoration idea emphasizes on natural born love and comes in multiple tiers. The cake has multiple folded layers of greenish scroll work. The white fondant for the cake is garnished with spotted purple orchids and always avoids detailed table decorations as the cake itself is much complicated and detailed.

The Fresh Fruit Royal Icing wedding cake is built on the original love message that bridegroom needs to deliver to the bride. The cake is covered in marzipan and layered with fondant fresh white icing. Royal icing and simple scroll work are also added to the cake decoration. The top layer should consist of not more than three types of fruits. The fruits colors should be contrast as the base of the cake is in white.

Amazing Wedding Cake Design Ideas For 2009

When lined up against the wedding ring or the wedding gown, the wedding cake usually takes a backseat. However, this does not mean that the wedding cake is unimportant. In fact, it is one of the focal points of the reception that can surely add dazzle to the event.

For couples who are getting married this year, you will find this list of top wedding cake designs for 2009 practical and helpful.

The Hip and Whimsical Cupcake Tower

Pioneers of the cupcake wedding tower saw the potential in cupcakes beyond being the usual sweet treat for children. This paved the way to the birth of the wedding tower of cupcakes, which has been making its way to replace the traditional tiered wedding cake.

One reason for the immense popularity of this option is the fact that it is practical, inexpensive, beautiful, and delicious. What more can you ask for, right? If you want your wedding cupcake tower to stand out among the rest, you can opt for square or angular-shaped cupcakes, which are also marvelous when layered into a cake.

The Chic Monochrome One

From the whimsical and fun look of the cupcake tower, we go now to the classic “black and white” style in wedding cakes, which has always been a much sought-after choice among many couples. The monochrome design surely adds elegance and sophistication to your reception. The base of this cake is usually white and then black lacey icing are used to decorate the cake.

The Angular Shaped One

The typical round or heart-shaped cakes are no longer in fashion. What the year 2009 brings us is the exciting trend of having square or hexagonal tiered cakes that gives a touch of modernity to your wedding day. Make sure that the embellishments placed on the cake are also angular in shape.

The Wonderful One in Bright Dazzling Colors

Hot pink, red velvet, or bright aqua-these are just few of the many bright and dazzling colors that are trendy this year when it comes to wedding cakes.

The Timeless Personalized One

One cake design that never goes out of style is the personalized wedding cake, which takes inspiration from the life and relationship that the couple has shared. Instead of the typical bride and groom cake topper, you can have a mini-version of you and your spouse-to-be in the form of a caricature sculpture.

Another way to personalize the cake is to have a memento of your relationship included in the cake design-it may be the poem that the groom gave the bride when he proposed or the photo of the couple’s very first trip together. In this kind of cake, the options are endless.

Wedding cakes come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, designs, flavors and styles that it will not be difficult to find one that would make you and your spouse-to-be say wow in delight. With this helpful guide on cake trends for 2009, making a choice would even be much easier.

How to Select an Extra Special Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is paraded into the room, lighted up with candles, and serenaded with the strains of “Happy Birthday to You”. This moment is a party highlight, the signature event of many a birthday. If you are organizing a birthday party, selecting the cake will be one of the most important tasks on your list. Gathering ideas and knowing about current trends will be a good place to start, whether you are going to hire a custom designer or purchase one over-the-counter.

Unique Birthday Cake Designs

The standard flowered birthday cake, inscribed with “Happy Birthday Jack!” or “Happy 60th Gwen” will always be acceptable, especially if it is made with attractive colors and favorite flavors. However decorators can offer more personal and imaginative designs. Four formats are often seen these days. Consider one of these for your next celebration:

  1. A theme tableau created out of icing and non-edible figurines-for example, for a hockey fan, the surface depicts a hockey rink, complete with hockey players and hockey net.
  2. A cake made in a molded pan shaped like a flower, heart, Mickey Mouse head, or other popular shape.
  3. A three-dimensional sculpture-for example, the cake is a train; or a princess, made with a Barbie doll in an ornately decorated cake gown.
  4. Multi-cakes tiered vertically or in a lopsided whimsical way-for example, a stack of multi-colored, fondant-wrapped gift boxes, with colorful ribbons and other decorations.

Kids Birthday Cakes

Planning a child’s party and wanting to serve a thrilling cake that she or he remembers for years to come? Order a design that reflects hobbies, favorite toys, pets, fantasy figures, or cartoon characters. Here are some ideas:

  • A puppy shape;
  • A jungle scene with jungle vegetation and animals, such as monkeys, giraffes, and tigers;
  • A tableau based on a favorite TV show, such as Sesame Street, featuring figurines for Bert, Ernie, and the Cookie Monster. Birthday cake toppers can double up as party favors. With a Sesame Street design, each child can take home a Sesame Street figurine;
  • A crown decorated with jewels;
  • A football or ballet slippers to reflect the child’s interests.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. The only “problem” is that your child may never again be satisfied with an ”ordinary” cake after having had a theme design.

Adult Birthday Cakes

Adults enjoy imaginative cakes as well. While children often will be happy with chocolate, vanilla, or marble flavors, adults will be attracted to variations such as:

  • Mocha,
  • Lemon,
  • Carrot,
  • Red velvet,
  • Strawberry, or
  • Strawberry shortcake.

Fillings can also have different flavors, such as cherry, chocolate mousse, traditional butter cream, raspberry gel, cream cheese icing, and lemon. Some people are particular about flavors so you will want to be sure that the selected ones will be appreciated by the guest of honor.

Many adults will be quite happy if you don’t display their age. An advantage of tableaus and sculptures is that numbers don’t need to be displayed. On the other hand, it is possible and sometimes desirable to record a special year such as 30, 50, or 65. The special number can be part of the trim garland instead of on top of the cake.

Adults enjoy sculptures and cake top pictures. For example, birthday cake decorations for adults could be:

  • A farm scene with fields, sky, and toppers for farmer and farm equipment;
  • A cake shaped like a music symbol such as a guitar, treble clef, or drum set; or a stage tableau with a figurine of a favorite music star; or
  • A hobby theme reflecting a favorite sport or pastime, such as an animal sculpture for a pet lover or a tool box for a handy person.

How to Find More Birthday Cake Ideas

To research further in your quest to develop the best birthday cake design, you can:

  • Look for pictures posted on the internet by professional and amateur bakers,
  • Browse current magazines and books,
  • Visit a few bakery counters to view cakes on display,
  • Take pictures and ideas to a meeting with a designer who will create a custom cake.

Wedding Cake Designer For a Perfect Wedding

The Cabo San Lucas’s wedding cake designer is a full service arranger who provides everything who provides designing expertise for a perfect wedding. The planner will take care of all the details that include: flowery arrangements, a photographer, table rents and linen, etc. One of the classic elements of the Cabo wedding reception is the formal cutting of cake. It symbolizes the first assignment the newlyweds carry out together. This is the beginning of a consignment to share whatever path their lives take. The cake-cutting event is also wedding photographer’s favorite images to capture.

Selecting the cake design that is perfect for the wedding day would add more fun and romance to your wedding in best location. Many marriage cake services provide the best cake design that can meet your dreams. Depending on the timing of your wedding, you have to select a cake that suites the best. If the wedding is in the evening, plan for some individual cakes that can be placed in a refrigerator and served at the last minute because a normal wedding cake may melt and can collapse before serving. Another way to make your guests happy can be done by mixing the flavors for your marriage cake. This is handled by selecting the cake with more than a tier. For each tier select a different flavor like one puddle with tropical fruits and the other with chocolate flavor and so on.

For a wedding cake design idea, select the pictures or scenes that come to your mind at times. Think of any type of flowers, scenes or beaches present your idea to the professional wedding cake designer to fulfill your desires. The cakes come in unique design and the mosaic-patterned cake that is made with icing is popular. Your wedding cake can be made more beautiful by placing the fresh flowers on the cake. Fresh flowers set the mood and tone for an event. You can also select sugar flowers to use on cake instead of fresh flowers. These sugar flowers can be taken off from cake, wipe it paste free and place them in the back of shadow box or vase. In addition, these flowers are custom colored.

Selecting the flavor for your cake is something that you can experiment on. Chocolate and vanilla remains the top picks among brides. Try strawberry for a summer wedding or a cheesecake if your groom likes it. Icing or butter cream between-tier layering can be mythical in rich mocha, hazelnut. Ask your cake designer for recommends on favors and combination. A couple of ideas for wedding cake are a riotous garden of tropical flowers like Hibiscus, Heliconia, Terra-Cotta or silver colored pillars, gum paste molded into different shapes and so on. You can select white wedding cake with a bright emphasis like roses or chili peppers for a perfect wedding cake.

How To Find The Best Birthday Cake Online

Where do best ideas come from when it comes to a birthday cake? Perhaps you have been doing your research for a while to help you in planning parties for your clients, friends or even family members but you seem unable to find the ultimate idea to find one. Here’s an article to provide you with simple yet powerful ideas of what to look for in an online cake store.

Do Your Research

Who are your customers? It’s an important consideration when you buy a birthday cake because cake preferences also vary with age. A teenager, a family man and a busy Mom have different tastes when it comes to cakes so you must know what their choices are. Surf the web for more information on the latest cake designs and ask your customers.

Creative Designs

If your customer is a six-year-old boy then he might be able to appreciate a birthday cake with a blue glaze that portrays an ocean. He may enjoy the white icing to the peaks of the waves and the small plastic toy there that looks like a surf board. You can also choose the cakes with the designs of his favorite cartoon character. Ask the parent about the child’s interest to be sure that the birthday celebrant will appreciate the birthday cake. If you will buy it for a matured person ask friends or loved ones for details.

Answer The Challenge

Regardless of age group, people have eyes for beauty. It is important to use your imagination in choosing decorations for your birthday cake. If you are a new event organizer and you want to attract more customers, choosing the right designs to capture their attention is a big challenge for you. Check the online cake store and pick a beach party theme or a roller coaster ride design for your client. You can buy small toy umbrellas and a small toy beach ball for a cake suitable for a beach lover.

Stick To A Budget

Choose a birthday cake that is wallet friendly. There are many cakes with great tastes and marvelous designs that are offered at very affordable prices. You just need to choose the right theme for your client or your friend or partner for that matter. Choose according to the taste and the style of the cake and not according to the price range. Take note of the delivery fee and make sure that you type the right address so that your client or anyone you purchased it for will receive it.

Whether you are starting a business where birthday cake is a part of the trade or simply buying a cake for someone special, purchase a birthday cake that does not sink to the plate once it is served. Choose playful colors of candles and see the glitters in the eyes of the happy birthday celebrant. Whether he or she is a client or a special someone, giving a birthday cake is a great way to express your greetings.